Google - Gboard09/16 - Present

iOS Software Engineer

Mountain View, CA

I owned the expression portion of the keyboard (emojis, GIFs, etc.) for 8 months. During that time, I led a large scale refactor to reduce shared state and increase modularity. The resulting architecture allowed for simulataneous, independent development on different corpuses without risk of cross contamination or regressions. This architecture strongly resembles the springboard architecture which iOS uses to control the lifecycle of apps. The expression portion of the keyboard is unequivocally the most used portion of the keyboard outside of core input, so ensuring it's quick load times and code stability was my main objective.

After stabilizing expressions, I worked tirelessly on improving typing performance. I made significant contributions to typing quality, including reducing the "bad autocorrect" ratio by 8%. I also spent a lot of time on core input performance, including reducing the amount of drawable views in the view hierarchy, reducing performance bottlenecks, and developing a framework for executing asynchronous NSOperations.

I built out a platform for analyzing metrics and usage statistics. My platform executes a series of scripts each morning which aggregate anonymous user data into a digestable format. These metrics are then shown in a series of dashboards. After developing the platform, I educated team members on creating their own dashboards and identifying actionable metrics.

Recently, I created a modular architecture that queries multiple data sources for searching expressive content. Each data source is responsible for fetching relevant results for a query and returning them using a delegate-based system. The data sources also determine the appearance of the content, and it is shown in a UICollectionView with a custom layout. The modularity allows for independent development and testing which has improved stability. The modularity also allows for easy experimentation, and synchornization with the expression corpuses availability.