Visa Inc.06/15 - 09/16

iOS Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA

I worked on the Global Mobile Point of Sale team and focused mainly on building out proof of concepts for global markets. I focused on mobile payments for emerging markets like India and Kenya. The main product that I worked on was mVisa, a mPOS solution to enable card based payments with nothing more than a smartphone. I worked on the original prototype for mVisa, using Parse's HTTP API that was abstracted out to use another backend if necessary. The prototype featured a consumer facing app, a merchant app, and a shared framework for core functionality such as pinging the network, or serializing transaction data. I was brought in as one of two iOS engineers to develop the official SDK as well as work on a core set of UI components with Visa branding.

My largest contribution at Visa was building out their enterprise app platform. As Visa started testing apps internally, conventional beta testing methods such as TestFlight became infeasible, especially due of the limits on the number of internal users. Instead, Visa used an enterprise certificate to sign apps. I modernized the process by taking an IPA or archive, changed the bundle id, updated metadata, and resigned it using the enterprise cert. It was then uploaded to our enterprise app hosting website where internal users could download it. This whole process took less than 3 minutes, and it reduced our release time for internal and App Store apps by nearly 2 days.

During my time, I also was the lead engineer on modernizing PerformSource, which is a sales tool used to sell purchasing cards to businesses for work expenses. The app was originally written using the iOS 5 SDK, and wasn't using ARC, Auto-Layout, and featured a skeumorphic UI that just didn't fit Visa's branding guidelines. With the introduction of the 12.9" iPad Pro, I was given just 8 weeks to redo the app inside and out. This meant converting all of the code to use ARC and Auto-Layout, and look pretty on every iPad - just not the 9.7". I worked closely with the designers and product owner to deliver a high quality experience that clients loved.

Lastly, I was able to experiment a lot with Visa Checkout, Visa's flagship online payment service. During my time, I was able to demo Visa Checkout as a P2P solution, as well as recreate it on the Apple TV.