PerformSource 01/16 - 06/16

Full Time Job

Visa Inc.

PerformSource is a sales tool application to convince businesses to sign up for a purchasing card. The app mocked sales and expenditures data to show how much money could be saved by using a p-card over using checks. The app was initially contracted out and written in 2012. Fast forward to 2016, where the skeumorphic design and lack of modern features left a lot to be desired. My work was split into two phases. Phase one was gutting the insides and updating the code base. Phase two was updating the UI to be in compliance with Visa's new brand guidelines, and work with larger iPads.

I started phase one by mercilessly hunting down all of the retain and release statements, and converting the whole app to use ARC. Also the code health was in poor shape, with many misspellings, and needless looping. I spent three weeks converting the codebase to use the iOS 9 SDK and setting up a maintenance plan.

For phase two, I met with a few designers to help explain what the main user journeys were and what was most important when demoing this app. I then set out to start updating the UI to use Auto-layout and follow the new designs. About half way through, I realized that some of the designs weren't the correct screen size, and they had been designed for an arbitrary screen size. With no designers available, I fixed a few of the screens myself. After 6 weeks of development, the new app worked on any iPad in any orientation, something that our clients had been asking for. The app was met with very positive marks, and we received a lot of great feedback from clients.