Sierra Valley 11/15 - 04/16

Personal Project

My favorite games growing up were arcade games, especially racing games. When my family used to go out to eat, my parents would give my brother and me quarters to go play Cruisin' USA so they could talk in peace. Later, I would go on to play Midnight Club and Need for Speed all through middle and high school. In college, my go-to was Mario Kart (N64 only). Needless to say, I love racing games, so this was kind of always a dream for me. I didn't know where to start, so I just grabbed my computer and opened Illustrator. After a few weeks of messing around and sketching cars in my notebook, I finally started development. Inspired by No Man's Sky, I opted to make my game procedurally generated. Each game piece was rendered and selected on the fly based on the current difficulty level. This would make each time through the game different and new, but also made it a complete pain to debug. I used SpriteKit as my game engine, and carefully profiled performance to make sure my game ran smoothly. The game is more or less feature complete, but not on the App Store.